Visiting The Virgin Market In Bulgaria

In a village called Stara Zagora in Bulgaria, as reported at, there is a unique event called the Bride Market where the young women and still high-ranking virgins will be displayed for later to be selected by the men. Yes, just choose what you like then in a few days the woman will officially become a wife. Yummy, huh? However, this facility has conditions. One must redeem the bride first with some money as a sign of binding and proof of love.

This Bride Market event may at first glance seem to be harassing women and degrading their dignity, but it turns out that this is not the case if we know the background. More about this unique event, here are Bride Market facts that you never knew.

Stara Zagora Woman at a Glance
Before going further into the unique event, it’s a good idea to first know how the women of Stara Zagora are. When viewed physically, the women in this place can be said to be incredibly beautiful. They are of average height with a solid body characteristic. The face itself also has a characteristic. Not European, but there are Asian accents.

In addition to physical, the unique thing about Stara Zagora women is their behavior and habits. In this village, women are very guarded, especially the girls. They are forbidden to have excessive physical contact with men. Meeting the opposite sex must also be at home and supervised by parents. That’s why there’s never been a story about the girl Stara Zagora who had an accident before getting married.

Beauty Stara Zagora Girl at Bride Market Event
With such beauty and assurance, of course, Stara Zagora girls are like angels in the eyes of men. Not only for most men but also for Stara Zagora’s men. That’s why these men also really determine the arrival of the Bride Market which is held four times a year. Not to mention that in the event the girls will look very attractive and different from usual.

Men may choose as they please, but the decision is not theirs
Once opened, the event is sure to be packed with girls and boys alike. And as explained earlier, the men will immediately squint their eyes to find the best candidate. The concept is the same as buying goods in the market. When the man is interested, then the girl who is accompanied by her parents will immediately submit a price offer.