Tips for a Harmonious Marriage

Everyone certainly wants a marriage that is always harmonious. But over time, problems often come. Whether it’s a matter of taking care of children or the family economy. Real-world weddings are neither as simple nor as happy as fairy tales. So the problem is not a strange thing anymore in a marriage. For that, marriage must have a strong foundation so that every marriage always runs harmoniously like the first time you get married, what are you doing? You can visit save my marriage today.

Effective communication
Good and open communication, such as regarding the sex needs of husbands and wives, for example, husbands want their wives to be more proactive, wives need foreplay and after play. Build the mood by cleaning yourself before making love. Because making love is fun and happy so there’s no need to be ashamed, just relax and always be ready. Couples should be able to enjoy intimate relationships or make love something fun and mutually satisfying and happy because sex is not only about physical satisfaction but has an important meaning in emotional bonding. We must be able to increase passion throughout the ages. There are many reasons for not wanting to have sex so the relationship is getting more intimate. So in this case communication is needed, because there are still many who are ashamed to reveal it.

The mutual trust that is reciprocal to maintain the continuity of the husband and wife relationship
Pillars of the household and the foundation of marriage: love that matures, protects and understands.

Mutual respect, tolerance, and willingness to compromise
Commitment to jointly build and maintain a marriage, in hardship and joy.

Principle of love
Gary Chapman in his book The 5 Love Languages ​​describes five love languages. There are people who attach importance to affirmations (positive behavior); some are concerned with togetherness (quality time); others prefer gifts; some are happier when their partner serves and helps; other people love to touch and caress. Everyone has a different love language. Our job is to find out, which is the love language of the couple.